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The art of striking up a conversation

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I go for a morning walk regularly to a nearby park. It is motivating to look at people around, exercising or meditating. Kids are usually playing; many couples are walking with their dog or elders chanting mantras. Rarely do I see anyone sad or worried. Morning is a peaceful time before the hustle of the day starts.

I have a favorite spot under a tree where I always sit(shown in the picture above). I go alone most of the time. I read a book, write something or sometimes just observe things around. Recently I also made few friends in the park(credit goes to them). I never went up and spoke to them. I always carried a fear that I may disturb someone. But my new friends were the ones who came up and talked to me. All of them are retired, senior citizens. Our friendship started with simple questions like,

"What are you reading?"

"Are you studying?"

"Do you have an exam?"

It always turned out to be a warm conversation. Our elders are amazing at striking up a conversation like my grandmom. But when it comes to my parents, they get a little awkward. Finally, about me? I get very uncomfortable. After some time, I mingle easily, but the icebreaker is tough. With each passing generation, the fear of invading someone's privacy is increasing. Succumbing to the fear, we are slowly losing the feeling of community and togetherness.

Smile, that's the easiest way to start a conversation!

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