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About me?

Back in my college days, I wrote a short story and recited it to friends. 


"I will become a writer one day," I said at the end. 

But life took over.


From stories, it moved to data. I became a data engineer. And a new love affair with data began. 

That seemingly impossible dream of becoming a writer always stayed, though.


After hustling through an IT job for 8 years, I decided to give that dream a fair chance and restarted my career as a freelance content writer. 

​Now, I blend my love for data and stories into engaging long-form content (You can have a look at my work here)

When not writing, you will find me buried in a book or reading research reports from the world of work😊

Before signing off, I want to share 3 achievements I'm proud of:


1. Built systems from scratch for the first startup I collaborated with.

2. This post ended up ranking first on Google in less than a month.









3. Written content for three courses on Career change and Resuming work after Maternity break for a professional coaching and training platform. One of the courses was picked up by a top startup in India. 

The project ended with the client saying she was proud of my work :) 












Need someone to write engaging long-form content for you?

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