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I'm Shweta Choudhary, a techie-turned content writer. I craft long-form content related to HR, career, productivity, and project management. 


Here's what my clients say:

Shweta is a brilliant b2b copywriter in the HR space. She takes time to create well researched pieces. Finding additional articles and content we have already produced that might not have made it into the initial brief. Her extensive HR knowledge and experience in content creation makes working with her very easy.

She brings great personality to the pieces too, not just an academic focus, but listened to our brief and was on brand from her first outline. I could trust her to speak to our clients without needing to be a middle-man, and she treated them well and would put her in front of clients again without a challenge.

In short, Shweta produces top tier, well-researched written content (with good ideas for how to distribute it) which saves our team time and money. Not to mention a brilliant product at the end. If I ever have HR focussed writing to be done, I'll be asking Shweta first.

Charlie Southwell

Marketing Director,

Let's Talk Talent

Need someone to write engaging long-form content for you?

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