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9 to 5 scam | Is 9-5 really a trap?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

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In the internet era, you get to see people succeeding and earning money differently. Many leave their job and become entrepreneurs, YouTubers, designers, actors, standup comedians, writers, etc. Many people are thinking— Is 9 to 5 job a trap?

What is one common mistake?

I am happy for each one of them who took up something offbeat and made it work. However, I am also worried that many have started treating the job as a trap. People who got successful have taken up something they were passionate about for a while. For example, an actor would have recited many dialogues in front of a mirror from childhood. Likewise, an entrepreneur would always find multiple business ideas running in his head.

I have few friends who worry even more because they do a job and are not passionate about anything else at the moment. They are confused about how can they can leave their job and do something big. The approach in this entire idea itself is wrong. Is it really about leaving the job? No, the idea was to learn acting for an actor, make videos for a YouTuber, and design good clothes for a designer. It is always about the skill first, neither success nor fame. If a skill attracts you, then that can be your fuel.

How to find an alternate career?

If you like something and not sure if you can do it full time, can't you start it today as a side hustle? There are very few who can afford not to do a job until they find what works. But many of us don't have that luxury. So the idea is to start something you like today, at least on a small scale. A famous lyricist Prasoon Joshi always had a deep interest in writing. He continued his studies, completed MBA, and entered the world of advertising. He never gave up on writing and was eventually recognized by Bollywood. Today he is one of the most famous lyricists in Bollywood. Start today, and you will find out if it works in the long run.

Few don't know what they want to do now, don't worry, keep exploring things around with an open mind. I am sure something will strike and stay forever. Ritesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Oyo rooms, was a frequent traveler and realized that finding budget hotels online was significantly less. So he mixed his coding expertise with a business idea, and we got one of the biggest hotel websites in India. Many successful people have got their best ideas from things happening around them in daily life.

Can it get too late to escape from 9 to 5?

Another troubling question is, what if it gets too late? I know few are in their late twenties or early thirties and think this is the best time to quit and do something big, else it will be too late. Time limit is what we set and pressurize ourselves. A famous Bollywood actor Boman Irani did his film debut at 44 because he never thought it was too late to learn or do something new.

Do you still like 9 to 5?

Few people love their job and would like to make their career in the same stream. They may have some hobbies, and nothing falls in the currently famous category of passion, and they got confused with 'Follow your passion' euphoria. Don't worry; it is not demeaning to do a job. Do what you like is the only universal idea. A famous journalist Ravish Kumar is one bright example of what people can do if they love their job. He received Ramon Magsaysay Award recently, which is Asia's highest honor. He is an inspiration to all those who love their job.

Next time you see or read about someone's success, don't look down on yourself; instead, get motivated. Most important, don't think about leaving your job because someone else got successful without doing one.

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