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A bedside lamp

I wanted a bedside lamp very badly, to read a book in a cozy blanket at night. After buying one, I used it religiously for a month, and slowly the interest faded away. But whenever I went to bed, I felt happy to have a beautiful bedside lamp. I knew I could use it whenever needed. A few months back, I thought - Did I buy it just to look at it? It's been a month I haven't even lit it. From that night I tried to use it every day either to read newspaper or book. Now it makes me even more joy.

This incident made me think -

Are we sometimes happy to 'own' or 'have' something? So much that we even forget to 'use' it?

Is this feeling common?

I was curious after this and started looking around.

I go for a morning walk regularly to a park. Few faces repeat every day. Less than 20 faces I see in the park of an apartment complex with 1500 flats. While buying a flat, many buyers have a prior condition to get one with a park or swimming pool. Then why they don't visit the park?

One close friend was keen to buy a digital camera. He saved money for months. We went to buy it together but have not seen him using it for a while.

This is a small post, and I just wish to give you a reminder.

There could be one corner of your house you decorated spending hours. You feel happy to look at that corner but have not sat there for a while... Sit there for few minutes today!

You may have got the ingredients to bake your favorite cake a few months back. The ingredients sit in your pantry, waiting for their expiry date. Each time you check the pantry, you feel good looking at the ingredients. But can't think of a perfect occasion to bake a cake or feel lazy to bake one… Bake that cake today!

You have a perfect dress in your closet for a year, waiting for its perfect occasion. You try it on and keep it back. You are happy to have that dress… Wear it on your next outing!

Each thing that gets added to our lives holds a meaning; Let's use it to the fullest.

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